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Check here for the latest articles about our Frameless Glass Balustrade Channels & other products. We will update with information about our Wet Room Shower Screens in London.

The designs of frameless glass shower screens are ideal for many reasons. At AM Glass & Mirror you can discover the benefits of a frameless glass shower screen and have your very own installed as soon as possible.

Benefits of a frameless glass shower screen

Unlike shower curtains, glass shower screens come with a number of additional benefits not familiar with the use of curtains. Here are some of the benefits of glass shower screens:

  • Durability – Should you accidently walk too far towards the edge, your glass shower screen can reduce your risk of falling.
  • Cleaning – With a curtain you may need to wash it a number of times before mould from lengthy use of your shower is removed; with a glass shower screen you can easily wipe down the surface as soon as possible for a continuously clean product.
  • Appearance – Glass can be modern and a grand addition to any shower; not only this, but with frameless glass you can have many different designs without worry about a frame looking oddly placed.

Why to choose AM Glass & Mirror

We have years’ worth of experience and have been praised for our honest, affordable services. Not only can we provide a range of bespoke glass and glazing products to trading and domestic customers, but we are also passionate about our achieving perfection.

With our help we’re confident that we can provide you with a shower screen that gives your shower that classy look.

You can reach out to us directly to make an enquiry or take a look around our website to find out more.

Frameless glass shower enclosures and glass shower screens are especially popular right now.

This is because they give a subtle but high class touch to your bathroom that just can’t be achieved with a standard shower door or plastic shower curtain.

A glass shower screen is understated and do not interfere with the overall décor of your bathroom. Instead, they effortlessly blend in with your bathroom, achieving a clean and seamless look.

AM Glass and Mirror can supply glass shower screens and wet room shower screens that fit perfectly in your bathroom.

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